Home of the Stud Hugger

The STUD HUGGER is a new removable/reusable tool.  It helps provide support while securing various types of sheathing (IE: Plywood or Sheetrock) to both exterior or interior walls in the construction industry.

The STUD HUGGER tool is useful in cases where size, weight, time, position and lack of manpower tend to make supporting sheathing difficult, especially if the user is working alone.

Have You Hugged Your Stud Today?

Braces known as "deadman", panel lifts or jacks, as well as "cleats" can be used.  However, they typically require either nails or screws to help attach them.  Some of these prior devices are cumbersome, expensive and difficult to use.

Because of the disadvantages of those prior devices, The STUD HUGGER tool provides an easy and inexpensive solid support shelf when the plywood or sheet rock sheathing is being installed.